Shining Star

Congrats to our 2014 WINNERS!

Shining Star 2014 Winner: Taylor Meloche
1st Runner-Up: Dan White
2nd Runner-Up: Tika Peacock 
What is Shining Star?

Shining Star is Canada’s premiere Christian vocal competition, presented by Faith FM. The purpose is to promote Canadian Christian talent and to give an artist the opportunity to kick-start their career through the competition experience and the benefits that winning would accomplish.  The contestants are a mix of young people just starting into music, to others who grew up playing music but never considered it professionally. 

The competition follows the format of Preliminaries, Semi-Finals, and Finals, with each round having special judges (including a Canadian recording artist).

The grand prize winner receives $35,000 worth of prizes, including a full length CD, a website, a music video, a photoshoot, radio promotion, and tour support! 

Shining Star 2014 Winner Taylor Meloche (left) with 2nd Runner-Up Tika Peacock and 1st Runner-Up Dan White 


Tanya from Faith FM 94.3 (Left) and Josh from Faith FM 94.3 (Right) with Shining Star 2014 Winner Taylor Meloche (Centre)


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