I’m Marion, host of “Heading Home with Marion”, 2 to 6 pm weekdays on Faith FM.  I also host “Conversations”, a weekly interview show that airs Thursdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 1:30 pm.

I was raised on a dairy farm about 30 miles from London, where we had no television, but we did listen to a Christian radio station.  No wonder I am passionate about Christian radio!

I began volunteering about 5 years ago at another Christian station, visiting area Churches for them, and co-hosting their share-a-thons, before coming to Faith FM about 2 years ago, first as a volunteer, then as midday host. 

It is my joy to encourage and challenge Christians to live for God, and to share the simple Gospel message on air, because I have a heart for people who may not yet be born again.  I pray that God will speak through me, and that His Word, which I read each day at 2:35pm, and the music played will change lives.

1. My favourite bible verse is….

  • Roman 8:28

2.  My hobbies are….

  • Ummm….

3. My favourite Faith FM artists are….

  • Downhere, Petra, Derrick Drover

4. I bet you didn’t know….

  • I can do the “moon walk”!

5. My guilt pleasure is…

  • Doritos and a good movie!

6. If I could have dinner with one person, it would be…

  • Bill Graham in his youth or Bruce Wilkinson (“Dreamgiver” video presenter)

7. The celebrity I most resemble is…

  • Moria Brown – 100 Huntley Street